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My Life and Times (2003-present) 18 years, 66 to 84 years old:


Synopsis. As I begin to describe my current social universe, I must pause to recall that as of Bastille Day 2017, there are only four people from my earlier life with whom I have direct contact. From Wells High they are Annette Clayton (in Port Isabel) & her political sister Bobbie (Flint), and Marie Scavone (Glendale Heights). And from my Loyola employment, only Tom Korinek (Bradenton). As you may recall, I have not been part of a family since 1967, nor have I acquired or developed one of my own. Yet. Continuing


While Social Security funding in the neighborhood of $1k/month is effectively defined as my sole source of present income, I am reluctant to think of this arrangement as my ultimate financial situation. Though I must confess that what I have now is hardly any worse than how I’ve lived all my life. The defining constant in this section of my bio will be my residency in SP3’s section 8 housing, originally called Methodist Place (associated with UMC’s First Methodist Church across the street, now the Portico campus of Hyde Park Methodist), and lately christened as SP3’s Vista 400.


The period began with some continuity in the affairs of Tampa’s early Public Access, recast mainly as a service to NPOs calling itself TBCN. Most of my recreational life will consist in the transcription of my favorite reading into something I am able to see on my computer, vastly enhanced over what one might call typical Blog formatting. Although presumably discouraged by stipulations on successive HUD leases, I have also indulged in some institutional non-credit HCC refreshment of my computer skills.


Some time before I signed my first May lease in 2003, Bill Kyle quit our Warren Avenue residency to savor the luxury of downtown life at the 14-story 200-unit Methodist Place (MP). Early on, ◄ Bill & I ► swapped snapshot service in the vicinities of Ybor and the railroad station, shown here in the margins. We would soon be joined by a third resident I only recall as named Bob. Both I recall as avid smokers, both having collapsed at least once unattended in their rooms, and both now dead. Unique nonetheless, Bill was well-known in the building for his several romantic involvements, and Bob routinely obtained oral service from a wrinkled smoker still with us – at least as long as he contributed to the holiday needs of her grandchildren. Noticed dying, Kyle would acquire a closetful of special outside friends, who saw to his hospice removal, and loved him so much the rest of us never even found out where the poor guy was buried.


Following preliminary contact in February, and some delay waiting for a vacancy to open on the south side of the building above the 5th floor, I was ready to sign my 2003 lease on May 19th. Always interested in accommodating my fairly vast collection of computer equipment and books with a minimum of free-standing furniture, I hoped to simply bolt sufficient shelving to the walls. Jill’s response was that “it was my home, do whatever I wanted.” So I did. My east wall handled my data processing needs, and the west wall would contain a well-lit whiteboard & lots of books.



Eventually we all learned that Jill herself was already pretty good at doing what she wanted.



Three years before its relocation to Tampa Bay Mall, I made my last Public Access video using equipment from TBCN’s North B studio on the U/T campus. Borrowing a single camera, on November 9th 2008 I proceeded to St Mary’s Episcopal establishment to tape the festive visit of Katharine Jefferts Schori, in her 2nd year as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. We chatted briefly before and after the program, and later dined outdoors (separately) on some mighty tasty Ethiopian cuisine.



Successive editions of Dabney Smith's Southern Cross incautiously lampooned some of Katharine's theological perspectives. When her 9-year PB term expired in 2015, she was replaced by Michael Curry of North Carolina. Curry was elected by the House of Bishops meeting in St. Mark's Cathedral on the first ballot with 121 of 174 votes cast, leaving the 3 other nominees (including her demeaning 2008 Tampa host) to share the remaining 53.



2009 thru 2013: Some mention must be made of my effort to pursue continuing adult education in Tampa. This has been on three campuses involving two institutions. I first noticed USF’s program, administered for seniors at OLLI. For a modest fixed annual fee, we were allowed full take-home access to its mighty fine library. Course access in my area of interest was however extremely limited, and I almost succeeded in using it maybe twice. For one of these, the Asian instructor’s English rendered the course useless. There was one reception for us at the Presidential residence, which may have included wine.


I became far more involved in the offerings from HCC: two early FREs on their Ybor Campus, and 17 others on Dale Mabry’s. As not only a Senior but also older than any of the faculty I encountered, I will soon take the liberty of analyzing these courses in terms of my impression of each presiding instructor – ranked from most pleasant to least. It should be noted that these courses while tuition-free also carried no academic credit, so there would invariably be some difference of opinion in each particular case as to whether I would complete routine assignments. A chronological overview of my participation (09/FA thru 13/SP) would show the following:


CET-1174C 36955 Adv Compter Repair 13/SP

CTS-1303 37281 MS Win Impl & Adm Dir Serv 13/SP

CET-1172C 36952 Computer Upgrading & Repair 13/SP

SPN-1120 39227 Elem Spanish I 13/SP

COP-2654 25617 iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Ap Dev 12/SP

COP-2360 08696 Programming in C# 1/SP

COP-2805 08697 JAVA Advanced 11/SP

CAP-2043 03184 Adv Game Design/Dev 10/FA

COP-1820 03470 Visual BASIC, Beginning 10/FA

COP-2800 03472 JAVA Programming 10/FA

CAP-1023 99711 Intro to Game Development 10/SU

COP-2823 99876 Graphics Dsgn Mltmedia/Intrnet 10/SU

CGS-1000 99754 Intro to Computers & Tech 10/SU

CGS-2822 94688 Web Site Creation 10/SP

CET-1123C 99430 Intro to Microprocessors 10/SP

COP-2822 99367 Scripting for the Web 10/SP

CTS-1106 98548 Intro to UNIX 10/SP

FRE-1121 95512 Elem French II 10/SP

FRE-1120 91960 Elem French I 09/FA



Keeping me alive for all this:

Family Care Center, TGH ▼


Dr Ramiro, Nurse Suzi, & Myrna


Thinking futures, I might follow the direction suggested by my 14-September-2016 attendance at a seniors seminar hosted by Centro Asturiano, promoting USF’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). Suggesting abundant contact with my aging peers, it could indeed be social fun as well. Course information is presumably available in a downloadable publication called Evergreen. There is always the OLLI Information Desk: 813-974-8036:



More to come:


2010 thru 2012: St Andrew's Webmaster, recalled in State of the Website 2012.


Thursday 3/24/11, Pre-Move Instructions, 309 to 909.


10/19/11 Vista 400 Grand Opening


Recent developments at Vista 400.



Whatever further novelty the immediately preceding construction might introduce to this page, I’m sure I know not do not know what might precipitate my final life event. I have filed what I hope may be all the paperwork necessary to guide St Andrews staff …


composite 553x429


Preceding all of the above, I fondly recall with gratitude and wonder the maternal side of my genetic self:


Mary Villis Johnson (1 Jan 1910 in Lithuania - 22 Apr 1967 (aged 57),

her mother, Margaret Villis (1 Jan 1882 - 1 Mar 1952 (aged 70))

and father, Joseph Villis (1 Jan 1890 - 1 Apr 1935 (aged 45)).


All of their remains interred at Saint Casimir Catholic Cemetery, Chicago Il. 


Nothing much is known about pere Aurila (also called Joseph): his origins or his destiny. His surname is not

typically Lithuanian, although a segment of our 14th century nobility is said to have come from northern Italy.


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